How to switch dvi to vga on Acer G276hl

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How to switch dvi to vga on Acer G276hl

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My cousin gave me his old monitor that he used for a second screen so that i can have a decent monitor with the new PC i got, but I also like to console game. So i have ps4 to vga and pc to dvi, yet i have no clue how to change which input i view. Only button i can find on this monitor is the power button. my cousin had the monitor for some time, but because it was just a second screen it was only used for pc (dvi) and he never changed anything about it. So if you could guide me to switching from dvi to vga and vga to dvi that would be awesome, so that i dont have to switch out the dvi cable each time i want to switch from ps4 to vga

please help

Thanks !

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Re: How to switch dvi to vga on Acer G276hl

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I guess you must have resolved your own question, each monitor must have a switch (or options in the menu) to change input. if that's too much problem, get a real display switch that should give you both vga/ dvi input, and hdmi output to the monitor


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